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  • Another day in paradise

    Another day in paradise

    We all met under the shade of the breakfast bar on the edge of the beach outside our apartment. We raised for another morning eating huge pancakes, drinking coffee and tea chatting while the wind blew to keep us cool and we were in the shade... more

  • They made it!

    They made it!

    Crew arrived to worthy goal - Barbados:) Well done guys!

  • I don't think life can get any better!

    I don't think life can get any better!

    Te rowing part of the expedition is over, but our adventure is definitely still going on. We are guest at the Ocean Spray Apartments in the south coast of Barbados and we have been... more

  • Boys will be step on Barbados tonigh

    Boys will be step on Barbados tonigh

    Guys will be already today sleeping in fresh, dry beds, eating amazing food and drinking cold drinks. All that because of Steve girlfriend Sally, who convinced the officer to released guys in the middle of the night in BARBADOS:)

  • We already see the island!

    We already see the island!

    When I write this blog, we are only 20Nm from target, compared with the already defeated 2580 is this piece of cake. Just few minutes ago we have saw the the island, black spot on the horizon. I just turn on my mobile phone and received a lot... more

  • You know its time to finish when...

    You know its time to finish when...

    The pink pills are runnin out, you are able to reply to the question "ten minutes are you awake" with yes even though you are asleep, all of the orange meals are gone, the days blur into a fuzzy haze of 2 hour shifts and when you have... more

  • ''This is bloody stupid!'' - John Fairfax

    ''This is bloody stupid!'' - John Fairfax

    "If you ever see me anywhere near a boat again, you have my permission to shoot me!" - Sir Steve Redgrave after winning his fourth Olympic gold medal for rowing. Four years later, he won a fifth...

    "This is bloody... more

  • The final push

    The final push

    We currently find outselves a little north of Barbados and a change in the weather forcast mean we no longer have the anticipated winds to blow us down onto the island. As such the past 36hrs we have been rowing south accross the wind and... more

  • Why not help, if you can?

    Why not help, if you can?

    I don't fool and justify myself, for rowing accros Atlantic for me, because I wish this, because I can. With this I want to help also other people with theirs sports and life ventures.
    Because of that, once again we supportmore

  • Closer and closer

    Closer and closer

    It is really hard not to get carried away and reflect on the expedition as if we are finished sitting in a bar on Barbados. We are all very aware that we still have alot to do and an important last few days ahead. I am writing this while... more

  • Highlights by Al

    Highlights by Al

    With fewer than 400 miles to go we are really starting to look forward to the finish. So I thought I would look back at some of my highlights from this expedition.

    1. Whalemore

  • The final week approaches?

    The final week approaches?

    We are in the final 400+ miles of the trip now. Top discussion topic is the date and time we might arive and what are the tings we are most looking forward to doing (mainly eating) when we arrive.

    Here is the breakdown of when... more

  • Wisdom of the old sea wolf

    Wisdom of the old sea wolf

    If you ask the old sea wolf ( for example Simon :) ) what is the most important feature of successful expedition, he would tell you, that this is efficiency.
    To use as minimal energy and time for job as you can, which means that we have... more

  • Home straight

    Home straight

    We really feel like we can smell the burger and chips even though its still 550Nm away. Today the forecast that takes us to the finish came in and it all looks good with fresh north east winds.  We have been busy planning our approach... more

  • Brutal heat and loud rain

    Brutal heat and loud rain

    "I must go down to the sea again
    To the vagrant gypsy life...
    And all I ask is... quiet sleep and a sweet dream
    when the long trick's over."
    - John Masefield

    One thousand lifetimes ago,... more

  • Class 2 - Recreating the Atlantic Crossing. Diary Extracts!

    Class 2 - Recreating the Atlantic Crossing. Diary Extracts!

    Extracts from the diary writing. Diary wrote children ( pupils ) between age 7 to 9. Thank you Class 2@  from Middleham  CE Primary School.

    Dear Diary,
    Today it was a hot, sumery day with a little bit of a breas, with... more

  • "Barbados is calling"

    "Barbados is calling"

    Each session throughout a 24hr period is quite different. My favorite is the sunrise session, watching the sun rappidly rise from the horizont, as the rays touch your skin you can emidately feel the energy seep through you body as your... more

  • A Room with a View: Class 2! - Recreating the Atlantic Crossing!

    A Room with a View: Class 2! - Recreating the Atlantic Crossing!

    Life can be fairly serendipitous. I first came across Alastair Humphreys via the blog of two cyclists on a journey from New Zealand to the UK, which our class of 7-9 year olds in a small rural primary school in North Yorkshire had been... more

  • Special Valentine's surprise

    Special Valentine's surprise

    On Tusmobil TransAtlantik bout we talk about all possible things. Given the fact that are Simon, Al and Steve happily tied to their better half, they feel called to shared all their wisdom about girls with me. Each of them has its own way, but... more

  • Two hours on, two hours off

    Two hours on, two hours off

    Two hours on, two hours off, two hours on, two hours off, two hours on, two hours off, two hours on, two hours off, two hours on, two hours off, two hours on, two hours off... Well thats another day done.
    It's all about putting in... more

  • Small moments of magic

    Small moments of magic

    "I do not need to row the Atlantic to know that I like roast chicken," said a wise person to me one day.
    Whilst one motivation for me in enduring the monotony, grind and toil of this trip IS to earn a heightened appreciation... more

  • Motivation


    Today I had another wash (very exciting, but perhaps a little trumatic for Al who was in the prime rowing postion right in front of me again). I was lovely and clean and letting the wind do its drying magic while I rinsed my shorts and tops. I... more

  • Important position

    Important position

    We have two rowing positions on TransAtlanic boat, half of the day we are in one position and another half we are in other. The difference between them is huge.
    More important position is those which is closer to the boat stern.more

  • We caught a FISH!!!

    We caught a FISH!!!

    Marin set the line today and let out a little more line than normal saying we will catch a bigger fish.  He was right! Thanks to Marins dad for teaching him so well.  Marin was given a rod and reel from Alutecnos for the expedition... more

  • Bottoms


    A delicate subject today. Bottoms. Particularly delicate in my case...
    Perhaps the most important part of the body on this trip is our bum. We spend a lot of time talking about them and a lot of time looking after them. And all because... more

  • Overview by Steve

    Overview by Steve

    I am afraid we are in quite rough seas at the moment which makes typing quie difficult. As such I have posted the answers I gave for an interview two days ago. I hope this will give a good overview of how things have been up until... more

  • Meeting of the first kind

    Meeting of the first kind

    Sometimes it seems that nothing could happen today, that this is going to be just another chacked day. Fortunately there is not a lot of this kind of days, only here and there some sneaks up. But usually Steve gets inspiration and adds variety... more

  • Every stroke takes us closer to land - half way mark

    Every stroke takes us closer to land - half way mark

    There are many mile stones that you can come up with for a challenge like this but there are none to compare to the half way mark.  We are now less than 1300 nautical miles from Barbados.  To celebrate i was called out of bed by the... more

  • Daily Routine

    Daily Routine

    Today I'm going to give a summary of our daily routine. Try to compare it to your own day - all the different things you do and see, all the people you talk to, all the food you eat and news you hear.
    It surprises me therefore that,... more

  • Styles of rowing

    Styles of rowing

    We are now crusing along with some welcome cloud cover which is keeping the tempature at a level which is very conducive to rowing.

    This morning Al took the plunge over the side to give the hull a scrub and insure there is not... more

  • Well being

    Well being

    When I was getting ready to rowing across Atlantic, I had in my mind the vastness of the ocean and how small we'll be in this boat in the midle of nowhere.
    I tought that I'll feel treathened and exposed to all the elements... more

  • In memory of Mark

    In memory of Mark

    One of the more common questions i have been asked is simply, Why?  It is a hard one to answer and we all have our own motivation for being out close to the middle of the Atlantic over 1000 nautical miles from land. My main motivation is... more


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